Clients and Accolades

“In 2016, I began looking into opening a bridal store with my two daughters as a family business. With no experience in the bridal industry, I began to search for someone to guide us through the process and to turn our idea into reality.  Thankfully, I found Lynn Crandall and The Bridal Collection!
Lynn is the best! She has the experience and the expertise few have in this industry and she is happy to share her knowledge. She is kind, patient and has moved from being my consultant to being my friend. As my business is still in its infancy, I take comfort in knowing that she is only a phone call away.
I will forever be grateful to Lynn and The Bridal Collection for all that she and her staff have done to turn my dream for my girls into a reality!”
Teresa Thomas

Owner, Ashley Grace Bridal Forest

“Lynn is well experienced in this industry and has been of great assistance to me with my shop! From financials to goal setting… shes guided me through different implementations that have made a world of a difference with my staff and sales! Thank you Lynn!”

Cindy Rivera

Owner, The White Closet Bridal

“Lynn has been my go-to person for anything related to my small business.  Her insight and experience are unparalleled and have been vital to any success our business has experienced. We don’t do ANYTHING without first running it by Lynn. She is an absolute delight to work with and I always look forward to our time together and how she can help us take the right steps in smart ways to achieve our goals.
Her thriving businesses (The Bridal Collection, among many others…) are a very strong testament to her ability to visualize realistic, sound-minded goals and see them through to successful completion.  I would recommend anyone looking for guidance with their business to seek Lynn’s consult.  You will not be disappointed.”
Amra Tomasic

Owner, Avanti Music Adademy

“Having Lynn Crandall  as my career coach has been both eye opening and encouraging. Her knowledge within the bridal industry and the business behind it is priceless. The way she cultivates a profit driven mindset has made it profitable for me personally and easy to emulate. She is a delight to be around making it easy to absorb her mentorship. I can confidently say having her as my coach was a good choice for my business.”

Schume Navarro

Owner, Peacock Vanity

“Lynn Crandall is an incredible business woman and leader.

Her encouragement and training has given new life to my business and goals. I would highly recommend her.”

Chelsea Jones

Co-Owner, Chelsea and Rachel Co.

“Thank you so very much for all your time, energy and words of wisdom. I learned so much and truly valued my time there, and appreciate everything oh so much.
You are an inspiration, and I admire all you have built.  It is truly amazing in so many ways.  From the loyal and great staff you have hired, to the beauty of your store, to the fulfillment of your mission–all around, you have built something truly, truly amazing.
I can’t thank you enough and am looking forward to building the next steps.  You have given me so much to go off of, and ignited so much in me.”
Razil Owen